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General dentistry in Angeles City offers the basic and simple dental services today. 



general dentistry in angeles city

Dental Checkup

General dentistry in Angeles City involves examining your teeth and giving you a good idea as to what the current state of your dental health is. Your dentist will then recommend some services depending on your needs and prepare you for the procedures, and the costs of said services. We recommend that you have a dental check-up every six months. Get your dental checkup in Angeles City today!

Dental Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth is sometimes not enough.  This is why general dentistry in Angeles City offers the best dental cleaning available. All the buildup of plaque, and tartar that cause tooth decay and damage will be scraped out. We recommend getting this service every six months. By having us clean your teeth, the risk of experiencing tooth decay and gum disease will be significantly reduced. No longer should you worry of losing your tooth due to these problems.

X-Rays and Imaging

Thanks to our X-ray and Imaging technology, our dentist can give you great insight and correct diagnosis. This is especially great for impacted tooth, or cysts that may cause you severe pain. X-rays not only act as an advantage for your dentist but on your side as well. You get to see your teeth or tooth in its current state. This is important because perspective is everything if you wish to know the right course of action for your oral health. Don’t underestimate the advantage of this service.